Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Postal vote scandal - should I vote Tory?

This kind of thing is making me seriously reconsider my "vote Tony because of Iraq" stance...

Votes and values
Times Online - Comment
It is an outrage that the integrity of this election is already in doubt

Ministers vetoed election watchdog plan to cut fraud in postal ballots
By Jill Sherman, Whitehall Editor
THE Government blocked the Electoral Commission’s recommendations to combat postal vote fraud by banning political parties from handling the applications.

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dan said...

The fraud is disgraceful but you should still vote Labour because of your earlier vows to support the war. If not, wouldn't you be letting Steyn down? (I know the Tories supported the war, but a Labour defeat would be seen as an anti-war statement and anyway Howards claims Blair misled us.)

ON the subject of fraud, there was a (surprisingly) good article by Yasmin Alibhai Brown in the Standard today but I can't find it online. If I do I'll post it.