Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Honour the Catholic, don't touch the Jew

Kinda gives you a warm feeling inside doesn't it? Those lovely Iranians.

Iran denies contact with Israel at Pope's funeral

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has denied speaking to Israel's president at the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Moshe Katsav says they exchanged words, but Mr Khatami told Iranian media the "allegations are false" and that they had not shaken hands.

Mr Katsav, who was born in Iran, said he had exchanged words in his native Persian with Mr Khatami. "These allegations are false... I have not had any meeting with a personality from the Zionist regime," the official Iranian news agency quoted Mr Khatami as saying.

Doesn't get anywhere near no.1 in the Iranian all-time wanker ratings, that spot occupied by their Bam earthquake appeal for aid from "any country except Israel"

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