Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Andrea Dworkin, anti-pornography campaigner, dies

Andrea Dworkin, anti-pornography campaigner, dies. And yet Hugh Hefner lives (very well, & singing Viagra's praises). Is God trying to tell us something?


PS Here's something on that interesting-sounding book of Dworkin's mentioned in the obit: Scapegoat: The Jews, Israel, and Women’s Liberation. And no, it won't make you any sadder she's gone.


dan said...

I never really agreed with Dworkin though I think you might be a walking example of most of her theories.

Btw, I am reminded of an old joke from Dream On.

Martin: 'Good book?'
Nina: 'OK... if you like Dworkin.'
Martin: 'I dunno... I never Dworked.'

JP said...

Dworkin's kernel of truth
Telegraph Opinion

JP said...

Andrea Dworkin Obit

"I have no problem with killing paedophiles," she once said; and stuck above the desk in the study of her New York home was a picture of an alleged rapist with a rifle at his head and the words: DEAD MEN DON'T RAPE.


Nevertheless, her refusal to make any concessions to feminine beauty was bound up in her philosophy, not least because while some women regarded it as an act of bravery, others saw it as a symptom of her problems. "Dworkin pretends to be a daring truth-teller," wrote the feminist Camille Paglia, "but never mentions her most obvious problem, food."

dan said...

Just saw this rather groovy piece on Dworkin by followinga link frm Andrew Sullivan.


Don't know much about the author but this may be a site worth checking out from
time to time.


JP said...

Some hysterical stuff in the Dworkin piece!


It's sadly obvious that this supposedly bold and visionary prophet was, in actuality, insane. (Among other things, she described the Caesarian section as "a surgical fuck" by "the new rapist, the surgeon.")