Thursday, April 07, 2005

Grown up debate...

Most commentators agree that Michael Howard won yesterday's clash in the last PM's question time before the election and I'm not inclined to dispute it.

What depresses me is the playground nature of the process. Here's an extract from the Daily Mail (Chosen simply because it's representative of the coverage.)

"Tory MPs joined in a chorus, raising and lowering their arms as Mr Howard said: "Taxes are up, crime up, immigration up, waiting times up, MRSA up - take home pay down, pensions down, productivity growth down, manufacturing employment down."

The only other situation I can think of where you can win a debate by chanting the loudest is in a football stadium. The Guardian described it as 'a music hall moment' but I think that's being charitable. 'Pantomime' might be nearer the mark.

I'm not picking on the Tories here - this tendency to bray, cheer and shout is apparent on both sides of the house.

It just makes Parliament seem a bit childish.

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