Wednesday, March 03, 2010

'Falklands - Where's our De Gaulle?' - Hitchens

Peter Hitchens on the Falklands dispute:

'So where’s our De Gaulle?

Let's stop pretending we have a ‘special relationship’ with the USA, and treat America the way France’s General de Gaulle used to.

They’ll respect us for it, as they respected him. Here’s the first thing we should do, which I am sure the great General would have done.

Washington refuses to back us against Latin America’s renewed campaign to make us hand over the Falklands and their people to the Banana Republic of Argentina.

Right then, we should immediately take all our troops and equipment out of Afghanistan, and put them on boats and planes to Port Stanley, leaving nothing behind but a few empty baked-bean tins.

Any politician willing to pledge this will win the Election, by the way. This one-sided ‘relationship’ is far more unpopular than they realise.

* Talking of Latin America, isn’t it interesting that all its leaders are willing to lecture us about the Falklands, where the people are free and happy. But most of them won’t dare criticise the disgusting prison island of Cuba, where a brave dissident, Orlando Zapata, has just died after an 86-day hunger strike."

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